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That's one way to screw with me, but that just means I have to swap to pencil and paper.
Not entirely sure on where to start with this. It would seem that learning to draw people would be the logical first step since my comics will tend to revolve around them.

Learning to draw the head in detail would seem to be the logical first thing, since proportions of the body tend to be determined by the head.

So.. January's goal: drawing heads and drawing them well.
I give myself until 12:01 am January 1, 2018 to learn how to draw well enough to draw a comic book page that actually looks decent, or I give up drawing forever.

Some would say this is a harsh goal, but when I look back at what I've learned this year, and how much more I COULD have learned if I applied myself more, I realize I'm not as dedicated as I should be.

That said, this also gives me a goal to strive for and what I would consider a rather generous time frame to do it in. If I can't even handle that, then it's over and I'll seek a new ambition.
I'm working towards learning to draw comics for my own stories, which of course, involves drawing lots and lot of people.

I have Christopher Hart's Figure it out! Human Proportions book, but I believe there are much better books out there.

Any recommendations?
Gunny practice
drawing the same face twice is difficult. I draw the one on the right first, then the middle one, and then the left.

The 2nd one makes her look like an early teen to me, so I may keep it around for reference in case I do get good enough to actually draw a good enough comic.
That's one way to screw with me, but that just means I have to swap to pencil and paper.


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